Ghosts & Psychics: The Real Scoop

Both ghosts and psychics are a hot topic in the paranormal world. You may have seen television shows that show both psychics, as well as those who believe that they are haunted. What is the connection between psychics and ghosts? If you are haunted, can a psychic help? How can psychics help loved ones who have passed, but still hanging onto this realm? Here, we will explore this things and much more.

Helping Loved Ones to Move On

If you feel that a loved one is still with you, or even if someone uninvited is in your home, you can help them to move on. Although you may not be able to facilitate this passing yourself, a psychic can possibly help. They can help loved ones and others to find their way to the other side, help them understand why they are remaining on this plane, and more. If you think that you might be experiencing unexplained paranormal occurrences in your home, contact a psychic for guidance today. They will be more than happy to help.

Why Call a Psychic?

If you feel that you are not always alone in your house, you may want to think about calling a psychic. Even if you are not living in a haunted locality, they can put your mind at ease about the things that you might be seeing or feeling in your home. If you are haunted, they may be able to help you to understand why, as well as how you can work with the entity to make them feel more at home. Feeling as if you are being haunted can be a very troubling experience, but contacting a psychic can be the first way that you can try to make contact.

Can Psychics Only Talk to Ghosts?

Psychics can not only talk to ghosts, but also to any entity in your home. They may be able to tell you whether a haunting is malevolent or not, as well as who you can seek out for more insight and help. Psychics can also see things on this plane, as well, which is why police may often contact psychics when it comes to major crime cases. Some psychics can also communicate to the dead, or those spirits on other planes. They may also be able to help predict the future, or see what the future holds for you. All these things really depend on their skills and specialty.

Nostradamus: What He Got Both Right & Wrong

Psychic PredictionsNostradamus is a very popular prophet who is still consulted today. But what did he get wrong and what did he get right? Here, we will take a look at both these things, as well as why he is still so popular that he is often still referenced today.

Why Is Nostradamus So Popular?

Nostradamus was a well-known preparer of medications, as well as a seer, who lived in the 1500s. Since his death, none of his books or manuscripts have gained quite as much attention as his book entitled Prophecies. In this book, Nostradamus reveals predictions about future events in quatrains of verse. He has become so popular because, as time has went on, he has made some very stunning predictions about the future that he would have had no way of knowing about. Many still consult his works, and are stunned to find more and more verses that seem to predict important world events, even up to the modern age. People are still interested in interpreting his works because many of his prophecies are so compellingly true.

What He Got Right

Believe it or not, this ancient seer got quite a few things right in his time. Among them are his predictions of both World Wars, as well as his predictions about Hitler, and the nuclear bombing of both Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Some also believe he correctly predicted the death of Princess Diana, as well as the tragedy of September 11th, 2001. The Great Fire in London in 1666 was also correctly predicted by him, as well as the rise of Napoleon to power. For a man living in the 1500s, this is a great feat, and no doubt proof that his predictions held at least some truth within them. Many see this as proof that physics can really see into the future.

What He Got Wrong

Some skeptics mention that Nostradamus only correctly predicted a few things through his writings. Although this may seem true to us right now, the truth is that Nostradamus’ prophecies were only actually realized until long after his death. There is a very good chance that he has also gotten many other things right, but these events simply have not yet occurred. Only time will tell how that these “wrong,” predictions may actually become factual in the future. He might still just surprise skeptic again, yet.

The Modern Art of Crystal Gazing

ImageAll of us have seen the representation of a gypsy woman reading people’s fortunes using a large crystal ball. Although this is an actual psychic practice, this is not the only way to perform scrying, the technical name for this practice. There are actually other methods to perform this same task to acquire visions from beyond, or deep within a subconscious. Here, we will talk about these different methods, what scrying is, and much more.

Not Just Crystal Balls Anymore!

There are other ways that psychics can perform scrying. Some of these methods range from the very ancient to the modern. You may notice that some psychics still use crystal balls of various sizes, from small enough to fit into a palm, to very large. However, some may use other means to also have these same visions. Many of these types of scrying do not involve a crystal ball or crystal gazing at all, but can give very similar results.

What is Scrying?

At this point, you may be wondering what scrying actually is. Scrying is another psychic technique that allows psychics to see visions, colors, shapes, symbols, or more that can be interpreted. Very powerful psychics may actually see what might happen unfolding before them. When I had a reading by California Psychics, the lady told me about a scene that she had pictured of me meeting my love, and she described the surroundings and scenario very well!

These visions can be showing something in the future, a situation that is likely to take place, or just something that connects to that particular person’s subconscious and life at the moment. In any case, these visions can be used to help you get to know yourself, your place in the universe, and possible outcomes in your future life.

Different Methods

As mentioned above, some psychics do use a crystal ball (or balls) of various sizes to practices scrying. Others may use a bowl of water, with or without a cluster of crystal placed into the bowl. Some may practice oculomancy where they simply gaze intently into the eyes of the person they are receiving vision on behalf of. Others might practice a type of scrying called catoptromancy where they use a mirror in order to see visions. No matter what type of scrying used, the visions are largely the same. A psychic may use only one type of scrying, or may use several different methods, according to their skills and preferences.

An Ancient Art

All of the scrying techniques outlined above, include using a crystal ball in order to receive visions, all are very ancient arts. Most of these techniques date back to ancient Rome and Greece, where citizens often consulted oracles or other types of psychics in order to learn more about their spirituality, themselves, others, and the past, present, and future. You can find references to different scyring techniques in the writings of ancient historians, philosophers, and others. These same arts have been in constant practice for hundreds and hundreds of years, and are still used on a daily basis today.

What Can Scrying Tell Me?

Scrying can tell you many different things. It can help you to answer many different questions about daily life, as well as what your life may have in store for you. Many psychics often consult their visions even in simple matters because they can find the visions helpful for making the right decisions, or showing what different choices may hold in store for you. You may want to ask your individual psychic about what their visions can help you to determine before they begin any type of scrying on your behalf. They will be more than happy to talk to you about what types of things this can help you with.

Who Can I Contact to Do This For Me?

You can contact your favorite or most trusted psychic to perform this type of service for you. Or, if you have never consulted a psychic before, you can contact one for the first time and ask them to perform a scrying session on your behalf. Some psychics may even give you the first reading for a discounted price. If you are curious, you can also ask them about the different scrying methods that they might use, if they ever use a crystal ball, which methods work best for them, the types of visions that they see and more. You might find it useful to try some psychic reviews if you need to choose a psychic. You can find psychic testimonials and reviews at this site.

What Types of Questions to Ask

You might be curious, before you begin your first scrying session, what types of questions are good to ask during this type of reading. For the most part, it is best to keep your questions during this type of session to questions that may be answered by either yes or no. Whether using a crystal ball, or some other methods of scrying, this is most certainly the type of questions that you can find guidance with when scrying. If you are looking for answers to other questions, you may want to ask your psychic about other services that they offer.